Hi, I’m Jerry Brito. I’m executive director of Coin Center, a DC-based think tank focused on the public policy issues facing cryptocurrency technologies such as Bitcoin. I’ve been working at the intersection of technology and public policy for over two decades. Here is some of my work:

PublicationsMainly law review articles

TestimonyBefore Congress and various agencies

InterviewsPrint, radio, podcasts, and TV

SpeakingLectures and panel discussions

I live near Washington, DC, with my wife Kathleen and our daughter Penny Lane. I enjoy photography, coding, following world soccer, and reading about history, philosophy, politics, and current events. Here are some things I’ve made:

PodcastWorker & Parasite, book discussions with Stably

PhotographyMainly street, candid, and documentary

ProjectsLittle websites and such I’ve made

You can reach me at jerry [at] brito [dot] com.